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 _getFmtDate, jQuery. ptDateSelect
 _setSelector, jQuery. ptDateSelect
 _setSelectorOpt, jQuery. ptDateSelect
 defineCal(dt), jQuery. ptDateSelect
 getLabel, jQuery. ptDateSelect
 hide, jQuery. ptDateSelect
 HTML Popup Created
 HTML Wrapped Around Input Fields
 jquery. ptDateSelect.js
 ptDateSelect, $(ele)
 ptDateSelectInit, JQuery
 setDate, jQuery. ptDateSelect
 show, jQuery. ptDateSelect
jQuery.ptDateSelect._getFmtDate = function (dtObj)
Given a js date object, this method returns a date string formated as specified by the user format.
jQuery.ptDateSelect._setSelector = function (ele,
Method that creates the link next to the input fields, which when clicked, displays the popup with the calendar.
jQuery.ptDateSelect._setSelectorOpt = function (uId,
Method to set the options for the current element being setup.
jQuery.ptDateSelect.defineCal = function (dt,
Defines an html table with the monthly calendar in it and writes that to the popup calendar container.
jQuery.ptDateSelect.getLabel = function (lbl,
Returns a label requested by caller.
jQuery.ptDateSelect.hide = function ()
Hides the calendar popup and nulls out the current elemnt stored in the ptDateSelect variable.
Below is the html writen to the DOM by this plugin.
The follwoing code is wrapped around each of the matched input fields
jQuery plugin for displaying a popup that allows a user to select a date and set that date back to a form’s input field.
Inserts a link next to each matched element (ele) that when clicked will display a popup calendar that allows the user to select a date.
Object initialization for DateSelect plugin.
jQuery.ptDateSelect.setDate = function (dtStr)
Sets the date that the user clicked on to the input element corresponding to the open popup = function (uId)
Method makes the date popup visible on the screen.